B & K 2002 Kft.

Szolgáltató és Kereskedelmi Kft.

Katalógus szám Leírás Tartalom
092019 (Inlet liners) Inlet Liners Tapered with Quartz Wool 4 mm ID, Length 78.5 mm PK5 5
0039871 (Gas tight syringes) 25 µL Fixed Needle CTC/Thermo (Classic Button) Syringe with GT Plunger & 5 cm 0.63 mm OD Cone Tipped Needle 1
2900703 (Solid Phase Extraction) APS MEPS BIN for eVol MEPS Syringes, 0.72 mm OD LC Tipped Needle PK5 5
001873 (Metal syringes) 5 µL Removable Needle CTC RTC & Thermo RSH Autosampler Syringe with 8.5cm 0.63mm OD (23 gauge), Cone Tipped Needle 1
1302010003-50F (PEEK tubing) 1/16" OD x 0.010" ID x 50' length PEEK tubing, blue 1
1304003006-5F (PEEK tubing) 360 µm OD x 75 µm (0.003") ID x 5' length PEEK tubing, black 1
09211301 (Inlet liners) Bruker/Varian 1075/1077 Inlet Liner 2.3 mm ID FocusLiner, Length 72 mm PK1 1
031810 (Syringe plungers) Replacement plunger for 10 µL Fixed Needle Syringe with GT Plunger & 5 cm 0.47 mm OD Bevel Tipped Needle 1
0624372 (PEEKsil tubing) 0.36 mm OD x 0.025 mm ID x 100 mm Length PEEKsil Tubing PK2 2
054702 (GC columns) 0.25 mm ID x 0.25 µm Film Thickness x 60 m Length BPX35 GC Capillary Column 1

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